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  For almost two decades, Dr. Adrian Calabrese has been spreading her message of positive spiritual psychology across the country. She has drawn from her extensive experience as a holistic therapist, spiritual life coach, teacher, healer, clinical hypnotherapist, and interfaith minister.

Dr. Calabrese is a best-selling Self-Help/Spirituality author and inspirational speaker, and has written three books: How To Get Everything You Ever Wanted, a dynamic spiritual tool to help anyone achieve their most cherished dreams; 10 Spiritual Steps to a Magical Life, an inspirational, gentle guide to finding and following a spiritual path; and Sacred Signs, a revolutionary method of communicating with the Universe/God using concrete signs that appear in our everyday lives. Her books have been published in Spanish, Russian, and French and are also available at this website, at online booksellers, and in bookstores everywhere.

Dr. Adrian is creator of the nationally acclaimed, Tummy Talk: Speak Yourself Slim - Positive Self-Talk Weight Loss Plan, a mind/body/spirit motivational tool for rapid weight loss, featured on the cover of Womanís World Magazine, and available on this website.

Dr. Calabrese is a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, The Authorís Guild, The International Women's Writing Guild, The National Speakers Association, and The International Metaphysical Ministry. She is currently in private practice, and is Director/Minister of The Metaphysical Center and Church in upstate, New York. She is available for speaking engagements, and her energetic, humorous and uplifting style has engaged, moved, and enlightened thousands.

Examine why we attract negativity Let's face it, folks, in our daily lives we are bombarded with negativity. It's all around us. We can't escape the dark side of life, as hard as we may try. So I'm here to suggest something to you: Stop trying so hard. There are ways to stop the negativity from affecting your life without struggle and pain. Seems like a revolutionary new concept, right? It's rather simple, really. It's a matter of choice.  read more >>   How to work miracles in your life I am often asked, just what is a miracle? After much meditation I've come to realize, that miracles are unexpected manifestations of happiness, joy and bliss in our lives. They are situations, people and experiences that touch all of us at one time or another. The fact is, miracles are for everyone. The problem is that we don't think they are. We think they're only for rich or famous folks, but let me tell you, anyone can manifest a miracle if they truly want to.  read more >>

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